Unique on the beach in Domburg; the entourage, the atmosphere, the sound of the crashing waves and the view of the most beautiful beach of Walcheren makes Paviljoen STRAND90 the most trendy hot-spot of Zeeland. Domburg beach is a summer and winter experience, but do not forget the forest ! After having some fresh air is removed by the fireplace a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate with fresh cake awaiting for you. While it is outside and fierce winds, we make it snug and cozy inside. Settle down in the lounge sofas and enjoy a glass of red wine with bites of our kitchen brigade. And did you know that just to dine in winter with sea view is a true experience? And you have something to celebrate? For couples enjoying a romantic dinner, with family or with the company you come together in an informal atmosphere . Culinary delights at the beach restaurant with the best view of Domburg; the sea ! Everyone feels welcome in Paviljoen STRAND90, from young to old, from old school hip to slide it on and enjoy ! For children we serve dishes that are healthy and delicious , there is plenty of entertainment , the biggest sandbox ( with playground ! ) of the Netherlands on the doorsteps. But when the Dutch weather is not that sunny, they enjoy themselves at Paviljoen STRAND90. Also, your dog, if leashed , is more than welcome to STRAND90 .

Strand90 2018

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