General guidelines for guests and staff

  1. We keep a 1,5 meter distance from each other,, do not shake hands and call each other to account if this is not done.
  2. We wash our hands regularly, cough and sneeze on the inside of our elbow and use paper tissues to blow our nose.
  3. To ensure the safety and health of our staff and guests, the instructions of the management must be followed at all times.

Additional guidelines


  1. On arrival we will ask for your corona health pass (for guests from 13 years of age, app or paper certificate). This means; a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or a negative test result (max. 24 hours old).
  2. Guests and staff are required to wear a mouth mask.
  3. All employees clean their hands regularly by washing them with hand soap and then disinfecting them with disinfectant gel.
  4. In order to ensure that the guidelines are (able to be) applied and to provide guests with information, an employee will be deployed as host/hostess at the entrance to the pavilion. In addition, a member of the management shall be present in the pavilion at all times in order to assist guests.
  5. The toilets are additionally cleaned several times a day. All touch points in the pavilion are also cleaned.
  6. We ask our guests to pay only with pin and preferably contactless.

Restaurant and terrace

  1. We are open Thursday to Monday between 11.00 am – 17.00 pm


  1. It is not possible to reserve a table.